The DC Promo Video

DC Shoes have a long history of mind-bending cinematic pieces whether it be the legendary DC Video or some nutter on a motocross bike surfing, one thing is for sure though, they catch your attention. However, let’s be honest, if you’re a skate only guy, and not into mega ramps, I can see how you may see a lot of what they put out in that sphere as not relevant to you.

But then they go and release things like the “DC Promo Video”. Once you get past the fact the title is a bit weird (guessing that is deliberate…), if you weren’t in the know about how the title is “ironic” you may dismiss it as some sort of b-sides or throw away footage. This couldn’t be further from the truth, and the skateboarding doesn’t half speak for itself, there is too much in here to get excited about I don’t know where to start… T-Funk, redefines how to back three a set of stairs, and Tiago Lemos can literally switch back tail ANYTHING, but he’s definitely NOT a one trick pony! My only gripe is that I was hoping for more from Mr. Kalis and Mr. Chase “massive handrail party” Webb.

Our advice is to watch this video as a matter of urgency and prepared to be dazzled by the future of skateboarding.

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