Independent Trucks x Thrasher Collab

Indy x Thrasher Stage 11 Trucks

In a seemingly unending torrent of skateboard industry collabs , sometimes, just sometimes one comes along that might actually be noteworthy. The coming together of two venerable brands like Thrasher and Independent trucks is one such beautiful moment.

Despite recent fashionista attention, Thrasher continues to be considered one of the most legit skate media outlets of our time and has been the  preeminent skateboard magazine since 1981. Serendipitously,  Independent has been considered the finest of all skateboard trucks for generations, even secretly ridden by pros sponsored by other truck companies. When these two proud brands are combined, one of the finest products for turning on a skateboard is born.

Thrasher has chosen to adorn it’s logo on Indy’s classic stage XI series, stipulating a black baseplate, translucent red bushings and the mighty, often imitated (we are looking at you H&M) Thrasher mag logo outlined in a brash red and white outline. Should you not know what time it is, the Thrasher logo reminds you it is “time to grind” and grind you will on the trusty silver Indy axles.
So should you be in the market for new trucks that everyone from street rats to middle-aged shredders to Rihanna fans will recognise, these are the ones for you!

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