Jamie Foy “306” for New Balance Numeric

Those of you who follow this blog will know we are big fans of Jamie Foy. His skateboarding really does epitomise some sort of bizarre combination of sheer brute force and effortless style that should not really be able to coexist in the realms of skateboarding. Somehow though, these two qualities manage to come together under Jamie’s unique gravity, the result of which makes for quite the mind-blowing viewing spectacle!

The 306 part is, as the name suggests, to launch his first signature skate shoe on New Balance Numeric. We will have more on the actual shoe later this week and it will be available to buy on the site very soon so keep your eyes peeled and if you have not done so already, please sign up for our weekly mail out (form in the footer below) for product updates and details of when the Jamie Foy 306 will be available.

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