Miles Silvas - One Stop Edit

Directed by Colin Kennedy

Miles Silvas – One Stop Edit
19th January 2018 samc

“One Stop” is a unique, single shot video that showcases the consistency of Miles Silvas’ talent and the flowing nature of pure, unaltered skateboarding.

Filmed in a five-minute one-take sequence of Miles Silvas on location in Downtown LA, this edit is pretty unique. Not many skateboarders have the consistency to allow for such a long and difficult line. Topping it off with the gap to switch back tail just shows how ridiculous this edit is.

Miles is wearing the new Adidas City Cup shoe that he worked on with Adidas that released this week. The shoe is as unique as this edit, fusing classic retro sports design that Adidas does so well with a modern shoe that is progressive and driven by performance features.

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