RVCA Athlete Makua Rothman Training for WSL Big Wave Tour

Being a surfer, moreover, a champion surfer has become much more demanding in recent years. With athletes getting more competitive a competition getting tougher, there is a new breed of surfers who not only focus on practising in the water but also in conditioning their body in the gym out of the water. This was once upon a time considered pretty “uncool”, but times have changed and an increased awareness of personal well being, fitness and individuals drive to achieve have opened up the doors for surfers to push the envelope further and in a way become more of an “athlete” than they may have considered themselves 10 years ago.

It’s pretty strange when you think about surf culture, for most, it is a lifestyle choice and the concept of gruelling training is absolutely the opposite of what they seek to find in such a sport. But then on the flip side, this is a new era where personal and professional achievement is driving individuals to take it all a step further. In this edit from RVCA champion surfer, Makua Rothman talks about how he is preparing for the WSL Big Wave Tour.

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