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DVS Shoes was founded in California in 1995 by ex-professional skateboarder Tim Gavin and brothers, Mike, Kevin and Brian Dunlap. Over the years DVS has become a mainstay in skateboard footwear making iconic shoes such as the Enduro Heir and Comanche. DVS has also boasted a team of athletes (past and present) that would be the envy of any skate company in history. Their skateboard team has included legendary names such as Keith Hufnagel (now of brand HUF), Jason Dill, Daewon Song, Kerry Getz, Keenan Milton, Jeron Wilson, Steve Berra and Torey Pudwill. Today they are still a market leader and innovator in skateboard shoe design, using modern manufacturing techniques that offer forward thinking performance skate shoes, whilst maintaining that quintessential DVS look.

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    DVS Shoes Militia Snow – Tan Nubuck JJ

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    The DVS Militia Snow is a winterised version of the hugely popular Militia model. Building upon the classic silhouette, the Militia snow adds a lugged outsole for increased grip in cold weather, plus the addition of a moisture wicking lining pulls moisture away from the foot reducing the likely hood of chill. The tongue is gusseted and all seems are taped so as to provide an increase water resistance even in harsh wet weather or snow.
    • Water resistant
    • Leather/nubuck upper material
    • Weather protective tongue gussets
    • Moisture wicking inner lining
    • CGT Outsole Technology
    £84.99 £79.99
    £84.99 £79.99