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Footprint has been providing skaters with insole technology for a number of years, producing “Kingfoam” orthotic insoles, socks and other protection products. Backed by big names in the game like Joey Brezinski, Brandon Beibel and Aaron ‘Jaws’ Homoki, they innovate and create new technology to help reduce foot, leg, and back pain. Proving themselves as innovators Footprint were contacted by NASA to use their impact-absorbing technology for the NASA ISS Astrobee.

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    Footprint Kingfoam Orthotic Insoles
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    Footprint Kingfoam Orthotic Insoles – Get Lesta

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    Footprint insoles are specifically designed to provide more comfort and support than regular insoles. Add in the incredible impact protection that is provided by Footprint's military grade nanotechnology foam, the result is a performance insole that is designed specifically for the most demanding usage. The Kingfoam Orthotic insoles have twice the impact protection at heavy impact levels as the normal kingfoam insoles, with upgraded fabric strength, a tough skin protects the inner foam for lasting durability and protection from blowouts. The arch support protects your foot from over pronation which can drastically reduce soreness and prevent injury. Fitting: It can take up to 5 days to break in the arch if you have flat feet. Although it can feel awkward at first if you have never had orthotics, once they fully break in, you'll never want to go back to flat insoles.
    £29.99 £19.99
    £29.99 £19.99