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Vans Skateboarding


Vans shoes was founded in California in 1966 as the original skateboard footwear brand. Subsequently, Vans has become synonymous with skate shoes and the Californian board sport culture that surrounds its heritage. Now, over 50 years on and Vans is still a market leader in skate shoe design, whether it be the classic product range that features iconic styles such as the Old Skool and the Sk8 Hi, or more modern forward-thinking silhouettes that push the boundaries of style and function. Vans continue to innovate as a brand and have many skateboard legends that endorse their products such as Steve Caballero whose name is carried by the famous mid-top shoe, the Half Cab. Whether your passion, is skateboarding, surfing or snowboarding, you can relate the long history that has been built by being true to themselves and true to their cultural roots.

Popular Vans styles

Old SkoolSk8 HiSlip-OnHalf CabKyle Walker ProJeff Grosso Collection

Featured collections

Vans Old Skool

The Vans Old Skool

The Old Skool is one of Vans' most iconic styles, due to its simple vulcanised look and global appeal. These days, it is not just worn by skaters and has become synonymous with that California lifestyle look which has proliferated the wider fashion market in recent years. That said, the Old Skool is still a firm favourite for skateboarders the world over.

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Vans Sk8-Hi

The Vans Sk8-Hi

The Sk8-Hi, is Vans' most popular high-top silhouette and is possibly the most recognisable high-top skate shoe in the world. With a clean and simple look, this shoe is super versatile and looks great with a wide range of styling options from skinny jeans to loose-cut chinos and shorts. It is this versatility that has made the Sk8-Hi such a go-to choice for so many.

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Vans Slip On Shoes

The Vans Slip-On

The New Balance 1010 is Tiago Lemos's first signature shoe with the brand and it immediately elevated the collection to include a more technical and performance-led direction in footwear design. Still a team favorite the 1010 will surely join the ranks of iconic New Balance styles referenced for decades.

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Vans Half Cab

The Vans Half Cab

Steve Caballero was one of Vans' original pro skateboarders and still rides for this company to this day more than 3 decades later. The Half Cab shoe was born when Cab decided to cut down his "Full Cab" signature shoe to create what many cite as the first iteration of the Vans Half Cab and possibly the first mid-top skate shoe ever. The Half Cab is a timeless classic that has stood the test of time and shrugged off changes in fashion over the years, creating a solid and loyal fan base for this unique skate shoe.

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Vans Authentic skate shoes

The Vans Authentic

The Vans Authentic is viewed by many as the original skate shoe that started it all. Released in 1966, it was adopted by Californian skateboarders and surfers such as Tony Alva and the rest of the Dog Town Crew which gave it immediate appeal in the skate communities through the late '60s and '70s. This rich heritage solidified the Authentic as a global icon that is still loved by skateboarders more than half a century on and has also been embraced by all walks of life, as a go-to plimsole, the world over.

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Vans MTE shoes

The Vans MTE collection

Vans are not just about skateboarding and suffering, they also have firm roots in mountain sports such as snowboarding. It is from this passion that the Vans MTE collection was born. A range of shoes that take classic Vans styles and update them with features like water-proofing, Goretex materials, extra grippy soles and insulation creating products that not only look great but can also endure more extreme and wet conditions like handing out in ski resorts or hiking in the mountains.

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Black Vans shoes

Black Vans skate shoes

One of our most asked-for products is black Vans skate shoes so we decided to put together this collection showcasing all the best options we stock. Black skate shoes are so popular probably due to how wearable they are, they can be skated in or worn casually but also could be worn to school or work. It is this versatility that makes black Vans skate shoes so sought after. Whether you are looking for black high-tops, low-tops or even slip-ons, it is a timeless look and one that we will always have in stock.

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Vans clothing

Vans Clothing

Vans was started as a footwear company, but in the decades that they have been making shoes they have also diversified into clothing. They now make a huge range of seasonal apparel that includes but is not limited to, t-shirts, hoodies, trousers, hats and accessories. You will find classic logo designs alongside more graphic-based prints and custom pieces that make for a large and well-rounded collection.

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Vans FAQ's

Do Vans shoes fit true to size?

Yes, we expect most styles from Vans to fit true to size so advise buying your usual shoe size.

Do Vans shoes come with spare laces?

Unfortunately, there is not a straight answer to this one. Some do, some don't, it depends on the style.

Are Vans shoes waterproof?

Not all Vans shoes are waterproof. In general, our advice is that the skate range is not, but the Vans MTE collection is. Please check the product details of each style where you will find more information.

Can I skate in Vans shoes?

Vans is the original skate shoe and their shoes are designed to be skated in. However, due to their popularity, they have a wide range of fabrications some are more aligned with the fashion market. As such they may not be suitable for skateboarding in. For example, a Vans authentic that has a canvas upper can be skated in, but may not last very long due to the durability of canvas.

Who skates for Vans?

Currently, the Vans skateboard team consists of AVE, Beatrice Domond, Lizzie Armanto, Elijah Berle, Kyle Walker, Breana Geering, Chima Ferguson, Curran Caples, Dick Rizzo, Geoff Rowley, Gilbert Crockett, Pedro Barros, Ronnie Sandoval, Rowan Zorilla, Steve Caballero, Tony Alva and more!

Are Vans the original skate shoe?

Yes. Vans are widely considered the original skate shoe first releasing the Authentic in 1966.

Is Vans a skater owned company?

No, it was bought by VF Corporation in 2004 but maintain strong links to the Van Doran family who originally founded the company.

What is the Vans "waffle sole"?

The waffle sole refers to the Vans proprietary patterned rubber outsole used in all their shoes giving excellent grip, flexibility and board feel.

Do Vans just make skate shoes?

No, Vans make a wide range of shoes, for example, they have a dedicated BMX collection, casual shoes that they call the "Classics" collection and the MTE collection. They have also diversified into clothing and accessories.