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Tree Planting Initiative

At Supereight we are very aware of the impact our industry and many others like it have on the planet which is why we support brands that are involved in the Tree Planting Initiative. We are working hard to carry as many products as possible that are manufactured with the planets’ well being in mind. All products in this section have been chosen because they have a role to play, whether they are made from recycled materials or are recyclable themselves. For example, as of spring 2020, all Etnies shoes are part of the “buy a shoe, plant a tree” program. This is an amazing project the sees one tree planted for every pair of shoes sold. This has already had an amazing impact with over 2 million trees planted to date! We also work with a number of skateboard brands that are part of the “regrowth” program which partners with the National Forest Foundation in the USA. This program is committed to having a net positive impact on the forests and subsequently results in planting more than three times the amount of trees harvested to make the skateboards in the program. We hope that by supporting these ventures and others like them we can do our bit to improve the world we all love and cherish. Below you will find any products that we stock that endorse a Tree Planting Initiative program.