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Lil Jawns

Lil Jawns

Lil Jawns is a skateboard company that designs and manufactures custom-made skateboard rails and other products. The company was founded in 2020 by Corey Littlejohn, a skateboarder who was frustrated with the lack of high-quality rails available on the market.

Corey has been skating for over 25 years as well as working in plastic fabrication for 15 years. After looking at other rails on the market, Corey was confident he could take his expertise and help elevate the standard of rails with innovative construction methods. Rather than the standard injection moulds we are used to, Corey goes above and beyond, using an incredibly durable high-molecular plastic which is CNC-machined to perfection! These rails are designed and built to slide and last longer than anything else!

  • Lil Jawns Standard Skateboard Rails (2 Pack) - Blue

    Lil Jawns Standard Skateboard Rails (2 Pack) – Blue

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