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Shake Junt

Shake Junt are a sister company to Baker and Deathwish Skateboards, created by ex-Baker Pro, Shane Heyl. If you mention Shake Junt to a certain generation of skateboarders, there is a very good chance they will sing one of two songs. Either they will repeatedly sing Shake Junt over and over again or they will start shouting CHICKENBONENOWISOWN. Referencing the iconic videos released by Shake Junt over the past decade or so. Their focus is creating grip tape and other skate hardware with a twist. Nothing is drab when it comes to Shake Junt, with bold colours and mottos used all over their products and videos!

  • Shake Junt Bag O'Bolts Allen Skateboard Truck Bolts

    Shake Junt Bag O’Bolts Allen Skateboard Truck Bolts

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  • Shake Junt Tyson Peterson 9" Griptape - Black

    Shake Junt Tyson Peterson 9″ Griptape – Black

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  • Shake Junt OG Spray 9" Griptape - Black

    Shake Junt OG Spray 9″ Griptape – Black

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