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Sk8Mafia Skateboards

Sk8Mafia Skateboards

Skate Mafia Skateboards is a brand of skateboards founded by Peter Smolik in 2004. The company is based in San Diego, California, and is known for its high-quality skateboards and its commitment to supporting the skateboarding community.

Smolik started Skate Mafia Skateboards after years of being of the most innovative professional skateboards in history. He was sponsored by Shorties and Osiris during an era that saw him single-handedly change the way people approached technical skateboarding.

He saw a need for a company that made high-quality skateboards that were also reflected his unique style. Skate Mafia Skateboards quickly became a popular brand among skateboarders, and the company has continued to grow and expand over the years adding many big names to its skate team such as DC Shoes pro Wes Kramer.

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