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Skate Mental

Skate Mental Skateboards was founded in 2006 by the legendary skateboarder’s Brad Staba and Reese Forbes, with the primary goal of creating a company that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Many of their graphics poke fun at the skate industry (especially its more corporate side), themselves and anything else Brad comes up with at the time, while their jovial slant on skateboarding forms a unique aspect of Skate Mental’s brand identity. The skate team encapsulates this vision and represents all areas of skateboarding resulting in a very diverse group of riders. They have some of the best technical skaters from both the US and Europe (Jack Curtain, Wieger), mixed in with some of the best transitional (Fernando Bramsmark) and alternative skaters (John Motta, Tom K). Skate Mental is a company with a clear goal of good vibes and not taking anything too seriously unless it’s the quality of the graphics because they do seem to take that very seriously!

  • Skate Mental Adrien Del Campo Del Pantso Skateboard Deck

    Skate Mental Adrien Del Campo Del Pantso Skateboard Deck

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