DC x Jahmir Brown Lynx Capsule Collection

Last week, I wrote a blog post on the DC x Nocturnal Kalynx. This week, I thought it’d be great to maintain the DC x Philly theme and introduce you all to the DC Jahmir Brown collection. This collection is absolute class, coming in with two new colourways of Lynx, one being an OG in a sick Black/Tan colourway and the other being the Zero in a contrasting navy/grey colourway. Both of these Lynx hold the 90’s aesthetic that DC has been focusing on over the past few years, and there isn’t a more appropriate dude to have his name on them. So, before I get into the nitty-gritty of the shoes, let’s talk about Jahmir first.

Who is Jahmir Brown?

Jahmir was born and raised in Philly, with some of his first introductions to true street skating being Love Park when he was around 10 or 11. As Jahmir grew into his skating and got a little older he slowly started to hang with the big boys of Love at the time. Skaters such as Kevin Taylor, Dylan Sourbeer and Brian Panebianco. With skaters of this ilk to look up to on a daily basis, it is not hard to see how Jahmir found his aesthetic both on and off the board. Now with Love Park being a grassy piece of nothing, and some of the big names of Love emigrating to new grind-able pastures, it’s left the hardcore Philly heads with the Municipal Plaza (aka Muni) as the only true plaza left in the City. This is where Jahmir really began to shine. Filming with the likes of Panebianco and Chris Mulhern and really getting involved with the Sabotage crew in general really put Jahmir on the map. Additionally, Jahmir recently left DGK and found himself on Palace shortly after, meaning for us UK heads we get to see him not only tear up Philly, he shows us what he can do at spots like Southbank and Lloyds. Jahmir is still on a crazy upwards trajectory and has released a bag-load of parts recently, most notably his Play It Back part for DC, filmed and edited by Panebianco. This part also features his new colourways pretty heavily, so if you want some inspiration for your fit, that’s where to look.

So, let’s get into the shoe chat. As mentioned earlier, there is a new colourway for both the Lynx OG and the Lynx Zero and both look just as fresh as the other.

The DC Jahmir Brown Lynx Zero

Starting off with the Lynx Zero, Jahmir has taken an already great silhouette and made it his own, saying himself that the Zero holds “a Philly colourway” with “old Lynx inspirations”. This is instantly recognisable with a heavily nostalgic, and Philly-based colourway of Navy/Grey Super Suede™ panels. When looking at the colours of the 76ers basketball team, you can tell there was a definite inspiration for the original Lynx colourway from over there. Not only has Jahmir added a personal touch to the colourway of the shoe, but he has also made sure the tongue webbing from the Lynx OG has been transferred over to the Zero too. Basically making this shoe resemble a Lynx OG more than any other Lynx Zero, and who doesn’t want that?

DC Jahmir Brown Shoes
DC Jahmir Brown Shoes

The DC Jahmir Brown Lynx OG

Moving over to the Lynx OG. A slightly more understated design, with incredibly resilient black nubuck uppers alongside ripstop side and rear panelling creating a breathable yet durable construction. This colourway is actually not exactly how Jahmir wanted it, stating that he would have liked the black nubuck to be darker than how it has come out. Although, once he had seen the shoes in person he was super down for them, saying “I liked the way it turned out with more of a cement colour”. Here at Supereight, we totally agree, the lighter nubuck works really well with the light orange tones of the tan details especially when it is sat atop a white and gum sole. These Lynx possess the invaluable quality of being able to go with the majority of your wardrobe, neutral enough to go with pretty much any colour, but also spicy enough to hold their own amount of flair in your fit. All you need to do is put them on, find your nearest ledge and go wild. Both DC and Jahmir have got you covered everywhere else.

DC Jahmir Brown Shoes
DC Jahmir Brown Shoes

Jahmir has been raised around one of the most revered melting pots of street skating in Philly, and now he has grown into his own style it is obvious what and who has inspired him along the way. These two Lynx are his first two colourways with DC and he has really hit the ground running with these. It isn’t uncommon for skaters to create a very specific colourway that will look great with a very specific outfit complementing it, whereas Jahmir has created two pairs of shoes that not only stand out from the crowd but also look great with pretty much everything…

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