éS Tom Penny Accel OG RS

There are no two ways of putting it, Tom Penny is a legend. I don’t think there is another skateboarder out there that has such a cult following, with his footage being recycled over and over again across social media with no complaints from anybody, ever.

Tom first introduced himself to the world of skateboarding in the late 80s early 90s when he was featured in various UK mags including RAD Magazine. He really broke out after going out to the US in the mid-90s and coming out with his High 5 part for Etnies in 1995. You could have seen this whole part without even directly watching it nowadays, with accounts such as @Cultoftom keeping the fire alive by posting every single piece of footage they can find of Tom and this early footage is a prime example.

It is not uncommon for my Instagram feed to chuck up the clip of him doing the kickflip bs tail in the deep end of the pool seen in his High 5 part. If I was subject to this from a lot of other skaters’ footage, it would slowly start to frustrate me, but with Tom, I find that to be impossible and always end up liking the video and watching it at least five times in a row. As well as his famous laid-back style, trick choice and baggy aesthetic, his enigmatic character is a huge part of his charm. Throughout his career, fans have never been certain they will ever get to see any more footage from him, so when something is released the whole skate world stops what they are doing and eagerly watches it. He is a mystical beast, always has been, always will be and that is a massive part of his enigmatic charm.

eS Accel OG RS Tom Penny
eS Accel OG RS Tom Penny

Both Tom Penny and the éS Accel have been present in skateboarding since the ’90s. Often worn by Tom since their inception, the relationship between the two runs deep and is truly authentic. So when Tom and éS joined forces again last year, it was only a matter of time before the Accel received some serious Penny treatment. Earlier this year, a new Tom Penny pro-colourway of the Accel OG was released, adorned with subtle gold details in the iconic Brown/Gum colourway worn by Tom often back in the day. Now, nearly a year after getting back on éS, Tom has given the Accel OG another upgrade.

eS Accel OG RS Tom Penny
eS Accel OG RS Tom Penny

The new éS Accel OG RS by Tom Penny is a revamped Accel OG with aesthetic improvements being at the forefront of the changes made. The Accel OG has of course picked up a lot of technology over the past few years and has ultimately reached a point where it is as tech-filled as it can be. Brimming with features such as tongue straps, 400nbs rubber cup sole outsole, moulded EVA foam insoles and a full-length EVA midsole this shoe is already as good as it can be. So what has changed? The lateral section of each shoe has had all of the visible stitching reversed, meaning the panelling around the outside of each shoe is super clean. You can of course see the panels just as clearly as you could on previous Accel OG’s, it’s just that now the edges have been tucked and sewn onto the underside of the panels rather than right on top. Even the mid-panel of the shoe has been reduced to a single perforated suede panel, rather than 2 panels sewn to one another which creates a much cleaner silhouette.

Golden Tom Penny details are subtly placed on an already classic Penny colourway, with a brand-new panelling feature really putting this shoe into a league of its own. éS has managed to successfully redesign a classic silhouette without reducing the authenticity of the classic silhouette at the same time. Creating a one of a kind shoe for a one-of-a-kind skateboarder!

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