Jamie Foy – Spitfire Wheels Part

Jamie Foy just released a new part in conjunction with his long time wheel sponsor Spitfire Wheels. I have to say, I am always excited to watch anything that Jamie Foy puts out because, let’s face it, he is probably the most exciting big rail skater since Jamie Thomas and Heath Kirchart. Yes, I know that is a big claim, and I wouldn’t stop there, I would rather watch him skate a handrail than Nyjah…

Now, that’s probably got a few of you thinking “what planet is this guy on?”. But wait, hear me out. Jamie Foy is exciting to watch for one reason, the look on his face when he lands a trick. Try watching this edit again and look at his facial expressions, what do you see? Passion and fear. The look of “I wanted this so bad and I actually made it” is real. Again, some people might then say, “no way man, Nyjah gave blood for his Until Death part”. I hear you, and he is also, incredible, but there is something about how easy it comes to him that seems to give it a malaise that sometimes seems less thrilling.

I remember people used to say the same thing about P-Rod when his In Bloom part for Transworld came out, an opinion that ironically, at the time, I disagreed with. But in this context, the comparison is the same, and regardless of it making my opinions sound hypocritical, it kind of proves the point. Sometimes, you want to watch the guy that lands bolts every time and everything comes so naturally you can’t even imagine him falling. Sometimes, you want to watch someone do incredible things that seem real, that seem difficult, things that seem beyond the reach of a normal human, but somehow aren’t! This is what I see when I watch an edit by Jamie Foy. Enjoy.

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