Jerry Hsu x Manolos Tapes – Presented by Emerica

Jerry Hsu has been around for ever, however, sometimes I forget a) just how good he is and b) how much good footage he has put out over the years. I remember first seeing him skate in a Marc Johnson feature in a super old 411, like 15 or something like that. After that, he appear in some of our favourite videos in the 90’s through early 00’s, Tilt Mode, Osiris Storm, Maple Skateboards Black Cat and Enjoi’s Bag of Suck. Then, in more recent years we had Emerica‘s Stay Gold, Tweak the Beef and of course Stay Flared last year. Hands down though, for us, Tilt Mode was the one, it is hard to put your finger on what made it so good, it just was. Maybe it was the fact the those guys just looked like they were having the best time filming it. So, it was about time that Manolos tapes got hold of his footage and remixed it… above is Jerry’s legacy so far, in all it’s glory.

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