Mighty Healthy – Neighborhood Pushers 4K

I’ll be honest, I was never a fan of HD, it’s such a strange technology, on the one hand it seems to provided crystal clear video that looks super sharp, but on the other hand footage can have this weird look like cheap sitcoms from the 90’s. It does something strange, some footage just looks weird. So obviously, when people started making stuff in 4K I was like “yeah yeah, what ever, it’s just HD 1080 all over again with a rebrand” I mean, how much better could it be. Well, I’ll just shut up and go home, because actually it’s incredible, everything about it just looks amazing. So now with skateboard film makers starting to put stuff out in 4K I am really intrigued to see what they do and how it looks.

The latest edit put out by Mighty Healthy, directed by James Buchmann is entirely 4K and just looks so clean and sharp. Neighborhood Pushers features skateboarding from Dane Vaughn, Pete Eldridge, Chris Colbourn, Gavin Nolan, Connor Champion, Jeremy Murray and Andrew Singh through the streets of New York City, San Francisco and Los Angeles, and is a joy to behold.

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