New Balance Numeric Brandon Westgate NM913

Brandon Westgate is known for his fast aggressive style and his ability to skate literally anything. One of the most respected professional skateboarders and one of our favourites, for his raw ability, Brandon has finally got a shoe that matches his skateboarding.

The New Balance Numeric NM913 is a technical skate shoe designed with both performance and durability in mind.

A directional reinforced one-piece suede toe, custom rubber eye-stay and NB’S patented N2 cushioning built into the heel all mean the NM913 maximises impact protection and wear resistance.

To maximize upper stability and breathability, a medial side mesh window gives exceptional airflow and reduces weight. On top of that, a TPR heel stabiliser increases stability.

In summary, the NM913 is probably the most advanced skateboard shoe that New Balance Numeric has released to do and if it’s good enough for Brandon, it’s good enough for us!

This edit goes into even more depth where Brandon and the designs talk about the design process and technical aspects that the NM913 features.

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