Ryan Decenzo – Fairmount High Kick Flip

I saw this first on Instagram and literally almost fell off my chair. It was a short clip posted by Thrasher Magazine and in a world where you skim through your social feeds without really looking at anything I imagine this stopped a few people in mid flow.

Then this weekend gone, Thrasher posted this video of Ryan Decenzo‘s journey from just the idea of trying to kick flip the Fairmount 9 flat 9 to rolling away on a perfect bolts landing. This is hands down one of the gnarliest tricks you will see and that is saying something these days when a thousand kids you have never heard of are putting out the most amazing skateboard footage on a daily basis.

Quote of the year goes to Andrew Reynolds “that’s a really, really big kick flip” coming from him that is probably the biggest compliment Ryan Decenzo will ever receive!

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