The éS x Skate Shoe Dreams Project

What is “Skate Shoe Dreams”?

A genuine passion for skateboarding is always celebrated within the scene, whether it is a brand, skater, or artist, it is easy to identify an authentic love for what someone is doing within the community. A great example of someone that has this passion would be Patrik Åström aka @Skateshoedreams on Instagram. Patrik’s Instagram has been chugging along for the past three years, with a focus on using Photoshop to “brand-new” and original colourways of skate shoes (mainly éS Footwear) that appealed to him. This is purely a passion project of his own.

It didn’t take long until the people that had stumbled over his Instagram were asking when the shoes he was creating were being released. Sadly, for these fans, the shoes were never going to be released… until now.

Three years after his Instagram account was made and hundreds of amazing colourways uploaded, Patrik has been given the opportunity to put his magic to work on two éS silhouettes – the ever-popular Quattro and the Evant x Tribo.

Patrik started @Skateshoedreams in 2019 after seeing some leaked photos of the éS Evant which were due to be released later that year. These photos left Patrik “disappointed” (in his own words), and his reaction to these disappointing images was to go onto Photoshop and do a “quick sole swap with the Selsa sole”.

As you can see, this was obviously very successful. Patrik clearly has a great eye for detail and is also obviously passionate about colour coordination. This comes as no surprise, with Patrik stating in an interview that he “always liked clothes, shoes and design.” Going on to say, “I remember standing in front of the mirror and crying before going to daycare because my clothes didn’t match, haha!” It’s not rare for skaters to really nerd out over the colours they are wearing, or even match their outfits to the spot they are skating. What really sets Patrik aside from the rest is his commitment to the cause by going the extra mile with his designs.

This combination of Patrik’s authenticity and commitment resulted in a cult following of his Instagram account, plus, it didn’t take long for éS to clock onto what he was doing. So many people would tag éS in Patrik’s posts that I imagine it was almost impossible for them éS ignore, even if they wanted to. It only felt like a matter of time before a collaboration between the two came to fruition. So, let’s have a look at what Patrik and éS have created…

The Skate Shoe Dreams Quattro

We have two silhouettes from the éS x Skate Shoe Dreams collaboration. Starting with the Quattro in Black/Grey – Patrik’s current favourite skate shoe from éS, in his all-time favourite colourway. As the Quattro is already Patrik’s favourite shoe from éS, it will come as no surprise that he has managed to restrain himself from any sole swapping. As previously mentioned, this is effectively his ultimate shoe.

This colourway is a great example of how Patrik has managed to gain so much attention over the years. His colourways are really individual, original and aesthetically pleasing in a way that isn’t at all garish or tasteless.

eS Footwear x Skate Shoe Dreams collaboration
eS Footwear x Skate Shoe Dreams collaboration

Opting for a subtle black suede and grey mesh upper construction with bright green accents placed on the tongue, heel, laces and mid panel. The green itself is incredibly vivid but due to it’s minimal use around the shoe it creates a shoe that you can’t help but notice, but at the same time you don’t need sunglasses to be able to look directly at them. It’s not hard to see why this is Patrik’s favourite colourway.

eS Footwear x Skate Shoe Dreams collaboration
eS Footwear x Skate Shoe Dreams collaboration

The Skate Shoe Dreams Evant x Tribo

The second shoe in this drop has picked up a few more detail changes than the Quattro. The Evant x Tribo in Grey/White is (as you’d expect) an amalgamation of the previously released Evant and Tribo from éS. True to form, Patrik has gone full Skate Shoe Dreams with this creation, taking the upper from an Evant and plonking it on top of a Tribo sole unit. The Tribo sole unit is full of technology, with it including a System 02 Airbag for incredible comfort and impact cushioning as well as a polyurethane mid-sole unit which is cradled in a 400NBS rubber outsole. This sole unit combined with the premium-material Evant upper results in a super high-quality skate shoe.

eS Footwear x Skate Shoe Dreams collaboration
eS Footwear x Skate Shoe Dreams collaboration

Patrik creating this shoe makes a lot of sense, as it was the Evant (and how disappointed he was with it) that was the catalyst for him to begin his @SkateShoeDreams Instagram account. It feels as though Patrik has been able to go full circle and release the Evant in a style that he had originally envisaged, or at least as close as he could get. If you are similar to us here at Supereight and really dig this silhouette, just bare in mind that only 500 of these are available globally!

eS Footwear x Skate Shoe Dreams collaboration
eS Footwear x Skate Shoe Dreams collaboration

This collab genuinely brings a smile to my face. All you have to do is have a look at @SkateShoeDreams right now and see how many posts Patrik has put up regarding this release over the past week. The dude is hyped. But that is why these shoes have come out so well, he is truly passionate about this shoes and éS have absolutely nailed it by recognising this.

Congratulations and thank you to all involved!

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