Tom’s Echo Chamber – Issue #1

This probably won’t be too much of a surprise, but here at Supereight we absolutely love watching skateboarding. Every time someone is on lunch, they will most likely be watching a skate video or part, which almost always creates a conversation of debate (deliberately not using the word ‘argument’ here) regarding aspects of the part (or video) being ogled at. During one of our ‘debates’, someone had the fantastic idea of curating all of the best videos we have seen over the past two weeks and sending them over to our lucky email subscribers! As one of the most vocal ‘debaters’ in the office, I have been given the task of putting this all together! So, welcome to my Echo Chamber, a subjective landscape where everyone’s opinion is welcome. I just can’t promise I will agree with it and you certainly don’t have to agree with mine!

Niels Bennett – HEROES / HELDEN

Whenever I see someone skating in Adidas Superstars, it instantly takes my mind to the Drake Jones bs noseslide clip in SF where he boosts a huge nollie pop out. Honestly, one of my favourite clips of all time. When I watched this Niels Bennett part, not only was I constantly reminded of this Drake Jones clip due to Niels’ shoes, but his bagged-out, effortless style encompassed why I love that noseslide clip so much. It’s pure skateboarding.

Not only is the skating in this edit amazing, but the concept is also just as great. A part of two halves, the first half is filmed and edited by Chris Mulhern across the USA, whereas the second half is filmed and edited by Torsten Frank across Europe. An absolute goliath of a part right here.

DC Shoes: OK BET

DC Shoes are crushing it at the moment. It really feels as though they have rediscovered their identity as a brand and skate team. Their newest video offering, OK BET is a perfect example of this. A 10-minute edit which focuses on two of their newest Am’s – Thomas Dritsas and Adilson Pedro. Both of these dudes shred with absolute ease, possessing the ability to make super tech tricks look way too easy. Well, until you get to Adilson’s 5 bails in a row, which all make you pull the exact same face Wes Kramer pulls in the first bail clip. A great reminder that what they are doing is actually nowhere near as easy as they would lead you to believe. Oh and an honourable mention to Ish Cepeda’s fs flip… Wow.

Fabiana Delfino’s “Santa Cruz” Part

The Delfino siblings, Pedro and Fabiana are both incredibly gnarly. I’m not sure what was in their water whilst they were growing up, but it seems as though whenever they drop a part, there has to be at least one huge slam and a couple of bandannas thrown in too. This new part from Fabiana has three huge ones! Slams that is, not bandannas, they all seem regular size.

This part isn’t just slams though, it is way more than that. Fabiana has a great trick selection and style, that fakie shuv nose manny drop off for example is incredibly satisfying to watch. Mix tricks like that with clips like her gnarly ender and you have yourself a sick edit! My only critique is that fakie varial… I just can’t get down with them.

Leo Romero’s “SKATER” Emerica Part

Leo Romero is an absolute legend. If you follow our Instagram @wearesupereight you would know that we are huge fans! Leo has been dropping parts for 20 years now, and there is absolutely no signs of him slowing down. So much so, The Nine Club have been discussing whether this new part is his best ever. How many skaters can say that after 20 years of filming parts they are still truly on top of their game? Wade D and Zered Bassett are the only other two dudes that come to my mind… need I say more?

There are plenty of hammers in this part, which will come as no surprise, but the 270 lip he does from that small hip is rad. Dude really can do it all.

Foundation’s “Whippersnappers” Video

I love Foundation, always have, and always will. The first thing I think of whenever Foundation comes up is Corey Duffel’s face sliding across the floor, which doesn’t sound like a positive thing but for some reason it is. It just gets me hyped. Their new video Whippersnappers does exactly the same thing to me. Their team is stacked with riders like Julian Lewis, Corey Glick and Aidan Campbell to name a few. All seem to have the ability to hop onto huge rails but then also get really creative too. Julian Lewis only has a couple of clips in this vid but his line with the wallie into bs wallride to huge 5-0 is a perfect example of this.

Aidan Campbell gets the last part and it is well-deserved, no jersey barrier seems to be safe around him! We also interviewed him last year, so this seems like a perfect time for a shameless plug! Click the link below to check it out.

Followed: Jacopo Carozzi

This last one is less of an out-and-out skate video more of a day in the life. Pocket Skate Mag have made a few of these now and they are great. I’ve always been a fan of finding out as much as I can about skaters I like, I know that sounds weird but I’m just curious. For example, in this one there is a Patti Smith – Wave record in the background. That to me is dope, not only does Jacopo rip, his music taste is cool too. I guess it helps me reaffirm why I rate these skaters, I get extra evidence that they don’t suck as a person. Luckily for us all, Jacopo definitely doesn’t suck! I am jealous I don’t live in Milan though, that plaza looks dreamy.

Patti Smith – Wave

As I mentioned this album earlier it’d be rude not to chuck this in. This was my first Patti Smith record and the gateway to me becoming a big fan. Great lyrics, inspirational artist and today I found out Jacopo likes her too!

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