Tom’s Echo Chamber – Issue #5

Christmas is over! I know you are probably feeling a couple of stone heavier than you did last week and maybe even still experiencing a foggy head, but now is the time to start thinking about your New Year’s resolutions.

May I suggest setting yourself the goal of getting out and skating at least once a week? I promise I will help as much as I can, making sure to send you my curation of skate videos (designed to get you out there) as much as possible in 2024. In fact, if you make skating more often your New Year’s Resolution, I will make sure mine is getting these Echo Chambers out on time! If you do already skate every week, send us clips, we are always down to see you all shred! Maybe you’ll even get featured in an Echo Chamber…

Free Skate Mag’s Tiago Lopes – 333 Part

Hyper-technical skating is usually something that I can watch in awe, but in truth, it rarely gets me hyped to skate. I think the pursuit of doing the most technical trick you can imagine almost always results in the aesthetic of the trick taking a massive kick to the balls. There are obviously exceptions here, and as you will see, this guy is definitely in that category.

Tiago Lopes has one of my favourite styles out at the moment, he oozes an effortless style that really does suggest he is barely trying. However, when you watch the tricks he is actually doing on his board, your- well at least my tiny little brain cannot compute how he is even landing back on his board, let alone making it look like he does it every morning as a warm-up. A must-watch!

Miles Silvas “City to City” Adidas Part

The part that won the Miles the 2023 SOTY award. Now, I’m not going to get involved in the SOTY chat here, but I will say this was probably part of the year. Miles’ style is so unbelievably solid in both stances that it makes it hard to register that a lot of it is in fact switch. The switch fs blunt down the Stanford Hubba is unreal, no human has any right to defy physics the way he does when he drops off the curb.

Miles is also probably not the first person you think of when someone is talking about bombing hills in San Fran, but my guy had no issues there either. Unreal part. Also, if this part isn’t a walking advert for the Adidas Skateboarding Nora Vasconcellos pro model, I don’t know what is. Pretty sure he is wearing them in every clip!

Noah Clothing’s Welcome, John Clemmons Part

I was first introduced to John Clemmons when he was skating for Darkroom Skateboards. Ever since then, I have been a huge fan of his skating. This welcome to Noah Clothing edit is a short and sweet, sub-two-minute part, making it a perfect video for a quick hype-up before heading out to skate yourself.

A big thing I like about John’s skating is that he skates spots that can easily translate to UK skate spots. Crusty ledges, cracked floors and unideal run-ups are John’s thing and I’m more than down to watch! That ender is one of my favourite clips of the year, how he managed to still roll away is just so cool.

Yuto Horigome’s “April” Part

I’ll be honest, there was one trick that made me put this part into the Echo Chamber. In 2009 a film named Street Dream dropped and it was utterly terrible. However, P-Rod’s character in the film has to learn the ‘N.A.C’ (Not A Chance), which in the film was a tre to BS crook. It was actually meant to be a nollie front foot flip to crook but it was deemed too hard at the time. P-Rod did do one, but I’m pretty sure it was after the film was released.

Anyway, the reason I’m telling you this is because Yuto doing a Nollie front foot flip to noseslide down a handrail instantly made me think of Street Dreams and how far skateboarding has come since 2009. I don’t recommend you watch Street Dreams, but I very much recommend watching this April Skateboards part!

Opera’s “Act 2” Video

Back in the day, I was absolutely one of those kids that skipped all transition-heavy parts. That was a silly move, and I really hope the youth of today enjoy watching the whole spectrum of skateboarding.

Opera Skateboard‘s new release is an amalgamation of both rad street skating and absolutely nuts ramp destruction. Sam Beckett’s quick shred of Spit and Sawdust’s vert ramp and Clay Kreiner’s ender really make me wish I learnt more than rock-fakies on a mini-ramp when I was a kid.

Gou Miyagi’s “TIMESCAN 2” Part

I dare you to try any trick from this.

Marc Johnson’s Pretty Sweet Video Part

This may come as a surprise, but I probably rewatch my favourite skate videos more than I watch brand-new parts. Shock. I watched this Marc Johnson Pretty Sweet part before I went out the other day and I genuinely think if this part was dropped today, people would still go crazy for it.

I know I mentioned Yuto pushing the boundaries of skating earlier, but Marc was definitely ahead of the curve with a lot of tricks. I mean bs nosegrind to nollie 3 shuv to bs 5-0 is something we may never see again. Even if it is, it won’t come close to how Marc does it. Style king.

Girl & Chocolate – Pretty Sweet

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