Varial Magazine Photo Exhibition 2015

Some people are super motivated. They see an opportunity to do something great and they just get things done. Tom Quigley is one such person.

A local photographer based in Nottingham, he put the word out that he was going to be doing his second gallery show, featuring skate and lifestyle photos from around the East Midlands. It’s this inclusivity that makes Tom’s shows great. Rather than featuring only his own pics, Tom opens his gallery space up to anyone who wants to exhibit their work from full time, professional photographers like Andy Horsley and Leo Sharp through to local skaters with an eye for a nice shot.

This time, Tom’s show featured shots of various eras from the 70’s right through to the latest action this summer. There were also great behind the scenes pics, showing various skate life shennigans. Everything from laying concrete at DIY spots through to Alex Halford and crew taking inflatable dinghies down drainage tunnels to find full pipes.

Tom funds the event off his own back and had an opening party on the Saturday so we jumped on board to help buy some beers for what turned out to be a deep attendance of East Mids heads.

We swung by the following morning to take some pics of the gallery and see whats up.

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