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Krooked Skateboards

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Krooked Skateboards was founded in 2002 by the legend himself, Mark Gonzales. The Gonz, as he is known, is a vital asset to the brand, being the creative director and main artist. Creating legendary graphics such as the infamous self-portrait Sweatpants design. Part of possibly the most famous skate distributors out there – Deluxe Distribution, which also supplies Gonz’s previous board sponsor Real, as well as other premium brands such as Spitfire, Thunder, Venture, and Anti-Hero. Krooked’s team boasts skaters such as Brad Cromer, Bobby Worrest, and Ronnie Sandoval, arguably some of the most stylish skaters out there. Amazing, timeless graphics combined with premium quality, resulting in one of the most well-loved brands out there.

  • Krooked Strait Eyes Pocket S/S T-Shirt - Maroon/Blue

    Krooked Strait Eyes Pocket S/S T-Shirt – Maroon/Blue

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