Etnies “Transitoire” Skateboard Video

Transitoire is the new full-length skateboard video by Etnies featuring their global skate team as they make their way around southern U.S., Mexico, Canada, France, Morocco and Spain. That is quite a trip.

After weeks on the road, Transitoire not only delivers s quality well put together video, with plenty of never before seen spots, but also serves to introduce their latest addition to the global Etnies skateboard team, Nassim Lachhab.

Nassim is a young and hungry skater and it shows in this part. Being the new guy is always hard especially when you are joining the likes of Ryan Sheckler and Chris Joslin. However, these kinds of pressures don’t seem to be a burden and Nassims part is full of solid, stylish street skating.

The production value is super high on this edit utilising an interesting choice of music for the soundtrack and a mix of filming mediums that include drones. We were pleased to see that the polished finish complimented the look and feel of the skateboarding. Oftentimes these days, skate filmers seem obsessed with filming on VX cameras and giving an old school look. While this may look cool right now I do wonder whether it will stand the test of time. Etnies seems to be more focused on a well put together film and that makes it one of the better releases from a footwear company this year. Having a team full of heavy hitters also helps!

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