Rumor: Daewon Song and Marc Johnson on Adidas Skate

Daewon Song and Marc Johnson On Adidas

The rumour mill has been relatively quite of late, some minor chitter chatter and some grumping and groaning, but nothing that would make us look up from our Instagramming. Then today a bombshell…

The who’s who of the US skate community turned out to the Orpheum theatre in Downtown LA last night to watch the premiere of Adidas Skateboarding‘s first full length release “Away Days“. I bet no one expected an unexpected twist that seems to have overshadowed the movie all together on the social channels today. Today, the western world cares not about the Adidas video, what does concern the skate world at large is the apparent move of Marc Johnson and Daewon song from their current shoe sponsors (Lakai and DVS, respectively) to Adidas Skateboarding. At the time of writing, it seems this has changed from a whisper on the wind, to pretty much definite. So was this an intended move to stir controversy, or purely accidental? Was it a cunning plan or one that has back fired now that people are talking about Daewon and MJ more than the Away Days movie itself? OR, was this the intended result? I guess in the end it matters not… how does the old saying go? “All publicity is good publicity”… pretty much.

This is a real power move for Adidas, both are skateboard heavy weights and will bring a much broader dimension to the current Adidas Skate lineup. Watch this space…

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