Vans Skateboarding Spring 2021 – Delivery 1

We have recently received the first Spring 2021 drop from Vans, and we are super excited to present the range. We have a diverse mix of new signature model skate shoes, absolute staple classic clothing and some iconic caps to round off the collection. Vans have been a leading brand in skateboarding since the late 60’s and you can really tell they know how to keep their products not only fresh and interesting, but classic and never falling out of fashion. You could whack on a pair of jeans and any of the items from this drop and wear them for the next 20 years without any detriment to you style profile… you may want to wash them a few times though ; )

Vans Rowan Pro in director blue

Who is Rowan Zorilla?

Rowan Zorilla has been one of our favourite skaters here for a few years now. He is one of those skaters that seems to be able to skate absolutely anything he wants, in any way he wants. This ability combined with his light-footed yet powerful style makes for one hell of a skater. After dropping some crazy parts over the last few years for Baker and Vans, he was rewarded with his own pro skate shoe on Vans. This is something rather rare in the current climate of ‘pro colourways’ rather than pro shoes. This year he has a new colourway in Director Blue suede.

Technical features – PopCush insoles

This shoe takes its inspiration from a fair few classic Vans silhouettes, the most obvious inspiration being the Half-Cab. However, unlike the previous classic styles, this shoe has a couple of modern upgrades. Even the classic waffle grip sole has been upgraded to a new Sickstick technology, which is the “stickiest, grippiest gum sole in the brand’s history” according to Vans.

That’s only the beginning. The old UltraCush insoles have also been swapped out in favour of the PopCush insoles which use a whole new, thoroughly tested foam. The PopCush insoles are designed to provide an improved cushion and energy return, which translates into your feet being able to skate for longer and harder.

Not every improvement comes down specifically to skateboarding either, for example, thanks to the addition of the PleasureCuff the shoes are super comfy. The PleasureCuff is a ‘premium heel and a collar construction that uses a lycra coated neoprene cuff wrapped around a soft layer of open-cell foam at its core for superior comfort and heel support.

This is a great example of Vans not only making amazing shoes to skate in but also making sure the shoe itself is comfortable and a pleasure to wear. Small details such as this really do make a difference.

Vans Berle Pro in black/dark gum

Who is Elijah Berle?

Elijah Berle has been steadily crushing it for the past decade, joining the Vans international team in 2012 and gradually earning himself his own pro shoe in 2019. Now, in 2021, we are starting the year off with a new colourway following his onslaught of 2020 which included some insane parts and a cheeky Thrasher cover too.

Technical features – WaffleControl construction

The new Vans Skateboarding Berle Pro in Black/Dark Gum are a real looker, but it’s not just about looks with this shoe, they also come packed with technology.

The first feature of this shoe to be mentioned has to be the construction of the sole. Unlike a lot of Vans shoes, these are in fact cupsole. This usually means less board feel and a stiffer shoe. However, with the newly designed WaffleControl Construction, these shoes maintain all of the board feel you would get with a vulc shoe while maintaining the cushioning and protection of a classic cupsole.
This is achieved by removing individual parts of the shoe that separate the feet and the board. For example, there is no removable insole in this shoe, your foot is as close to the sole as possible.

Minimising the space between your foot and your deck could be problematic for the cushioning and protection of the foot, but this issue is nullified by the Original Waffle Outsole. This outsole is double the thickness to increase protection and longevity, but also made from the original formula which is perfect for maintaining the flex of the shoe. 

Comfort and fit – LuxLiner bootie construction

Lastly, this shoe has the newly introduced LuxLiner bootie construction. This brand-new feature results in an improvement of comfort and fit, translating into an improvement of skateability. The liner construction works by removing the old elasticated tongue-holders and replacing them with a tongue that wraps itself around the top of your foot. The whole tongue has a liner extension from the sides, all the way down to the front surface of the shoe. This creates a shoe that not only has increased breathability and airflow but also reduces the chances of getting hot spots or pinching in the toe.

Vans Kyle Walker Pro in granite/rock

Who is Kyle Walker?

2016 SOTY winner Kyle Walker also has a new colourway in his original pro shoe with Vans. Kyle is another favourite of ours and has been doing the business for years. Last year he dropped his “Be Free” part which was full of classic Walker hammers. Lengthy grinds and huge drops mean this dude needs shoes that protect his feet but give him plenty of board feel… and that’s exactly what this shoe provides.

About the shoe – Wafflecup construction

For a company that is mainly known for its classic vulcanised soles, Vans have really been pushing the boundaries of technical soles for the past few years now. The Kyle Walker pro shoe is a perfect example of this with its Wafflecup construction. This is sole design is Vans’ answer to the old age debate of Vulc vs Cupsoled shoes and it results in having a shoe that has both. Yeah, that’s right… Both!

It works by first attaching a Wafflecup sole to the shoe, then the sole is wrapped and heated in a vulcanising oven. Ultimately this gives the shoe the support of a cupsole shoe, but the board feel of a vulc. This shoe is also equipped with the Original Waffle Outsole for added wear protection and comes equipped with the PopCush insole so heel bruises should soon be a thing of the past!

Technical features – Duracap

It is worth mentioning that all three shoes are equipped with the Duracap toe construction. The Duracap is a rubber layer underneath the suede, giving the shoe an additional layer of durability. These layers are placed in all the key areas of the shoe, so any part of the shoe that touches the grip tape consistently will have the Duracap below the surface. This all means your shoe will last a considerable time longer than a shoe with just suede/canvas and no backing.

The Clothing Assortment

We are slowly but surely leaving the frosty weather of winter and entering the warmer, dryer and longer days of spring. This can only mean one thing, time for some new clothes! The new Spring Vans drop is full of stone-cold classic items. It won’t be long until we are all skating in t-shirts and having to wear caps for their actual purpose of blocking the sun, rather than covering our caveman-esque lockdown hairstyles.

So, what have we got in? Let’s start with the caps… three timeless trucker caps, all in sick colourways that have the classic Vans “Off The Wall” logo on the front and come in Saffron, White/High-Risk Red and Classic Camo colourways. These trucker caps are not only guaranteed to block the sun out of your eyes but also look and feel great as the fit is excellent.

Sticking with the theme of timeless Vans products we also have some brand-new colourways of classic tops. First, the OTW Raglan ¾ sleeve T-shirt. You can’t really get more “California lifestyle” than this Vans logo on a ¾ sleeve baseball jersey. It’s a look that works all year round and would look great alongside the other wardrobe essential, the Vans Classic II pullover hoodie. This hoodie comes in a deep navy colour accompanied by a classic Vans logo in a vibrant colour Vans calls ‘Plumes’.

We also have some new designs in the shape of three new hoodies and two new T-shirts. Beginning with the Tried and True series, we have a hoodie and a T-shirt both bearing their logo. The Tried and True logo is an amalgamation of a few Vans logos wrapped up into one very cool design which features on the back of both garments. We then have the Checker pullover hoodie. This is such a nice hoodie – minimalistic with only the classic Vans check running down the sleeve and a small simple logo and the chest. Even without your glasses on this hoodie is Vans all over.

Next up is the Holder T-shirt, with a back print reminiscent of California speed-shop garages which really gives this shirt an authentic Vans style. And, saving the best for last (in our humble opinion), we have the Raglan Pullover. This hoodie is a special one, especially when seen close up. The design detailing is super impressive and the embroidery is finished to a very high standard on both the front and the back of the hoodie. Even the feel of this hoodie is special thanks to the French terry material knit fabrication boasting 100% cotton.

The wrap up

All in all, this drop has everything you need to reinvigorate your wardrobe just in time for spring. Not only have we got some of the best shoes Vans have to offer, designed by some of the best professional skateboarders, we also have some super sick clothing and caps. Get ready for spring and get ready for the barrage of questions asking where you got all your new Vans kit from!

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